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  1. Tjstampa
    Tjstampa Philbert
    I would like to thank you for your detailed posts on chain sharpening. I was able to bring back a cheap pole saw that several people told me was trashed and sharpen several church members chains that really tore them up helping with hurricane Michael. I now have a Stihl ms250 sitting next to my ham radio go kit.
  2. Jimmys1883
  3. Jimmys1883
    AM because of Walter
  4. Jimmys1883
    Huskys because... Bob
  5. danimal
    danimal Cat 525
    That skidded is a BAD mofo !
    1. Cat 525 likes this.
  6. NHFree1
    NHFree1 ray benson
    Hi Ray,
    I'm new to the group and it looks like you're the man to see about manuals. Do you have a service manual for an Echo CS-620P?
    Thank you
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Jan 29, 2019
  7. Ganno595
    Mixing sarcasm 16:1
  8. Brush Ape
    Brush Ape
    Brush Ape blowin' the hell out of junk since 1970.
  9. bobdeaton@
    sawing up everything I can find
  10. Cashius
    Cashius Lone Wolf
    Okay I took care of things if you still have 200t I am interested. How do I pay?
  11. Keith Dickerson
    Keith Dickerson
    Hello. I am looking for a Mac 550. Anyone have one or parts?
  12. grizz55chev
    Wood butcher supreme.
  13. Keith Dickerson
    Keith Dickerson heimannm
    Hello. I am currently looking into modifying a Mac-15, for a project. I have always liked that Saw for it's look and style, not for it's speed or cutting power. My mind set is: use a 1-51 block with the 9 ports, shave the block to increase compression, port and polish exhaust port and advance timing. Now if that is on the right track with the professionals?
  14. Dave pulsifer
    Dave pulsifer Miller Mod Saws
    I love your work on the 7900 I'm a newbie to porting was hoping I could get some pics of your port work on them or some links? Thanks for your time and knowledge.
    1. Miller Mod Saws
      Miller Mod Saws
      Not sure I have any on my phone. But next saw on my bench will be a 6401/7910 conversion. When I get started. I’ll try and remember to start a conversation with ya.
      Jan 15, 2019
      Dave pulsifer likes this.
    2. Dave pulsifer
      Dave pulsifer
      OK thank you
      Jan 15, 2019
  15. thesawincanada
    Every one have a happy new year. All the best to you and your family
  16. Keith Gandy
    Keith Gandy Braaandt
    is she stout?
    1. Braaandt
      Yes very strong
      Jan 2, 2019
      Keith Gandy likes this.
  17. woodtool89
    cut the *s-word RANDY!
  18. thesawincanada
    Merry Christmas to all enjoy this time with family and friends
  19. thesawincanada
    Merry Christmas to all enjoy time with family and friends
  20. Evan King
    Evan King Mastermind
    Randy, been reading a ton of your stuff over the months, even being a skilled mechanic, I can say I've learned more then just a thing or two from ya. So thanks. Do got a question do you do any porting jobs on these little 335xpt huskies. If so great!!! , if not would ya know someone that does?
    1. Mastermind
      Dec 25, 2018
      Stump Shot likes this.
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