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  1. TreeLife
    I wont be living the TreeLife much longer.
  2. stihlman441
    Ya bloke still going semi retired from the wood cutting just work for the sunilaw sometimes and give the saws a run
    1. deye223
      that's good . is matt MCW still kicking
      Oct 16, 2018 at 4:39 AM
  3. Bobby Frank
    Bobby Frank
    Admirer of fine craftsmanship, fast saws and good food.
  4. Bobby Frank
    Bobby Frank spencerpaving
    I have admired the craftsmanship of you expansion chamber pipes for a couple of years. I was wondering if I could hire you to do a pipe for my 084 Stihl alky hot saws. I have built mine and to say the least they are nowhere near your craftsmanship level. I am also confident that they are no where close to your pipe's performance level.

    Bobby Frank
  5. Ktaylor
    Ktaylor tree monkey
    i'm looking to have a 661c-m ported if you have time. thank you
  6. DBenitz907
    DBenitz907 shorthunter
    I’d like to buy the ECSaws Husqvarna 390xp from you if it’s still available my numbers 907-650-7638 thanks
  7. oz4zoe
    oz4zoe ray benson
    thanks again for the 064 manual,
    i have 3 more chainsaws on my workbench a 034 av which need chrankshaft bearings
    and a 074 and a 056 which a havent looked at so fare.
    do you have by any chance some manuals for these ?
    and is there anything you might need ?
    regards oz
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox, same conversation as the 064. 074 a misprint?
      Oct 11, 2018 at 7:42 PM
  8. deye223
    deye223 stihlman441
    gday old fella good to see ya stihl kicking

    cheers Darren
  9. msellers
    My youngest son thinks all of my saws are his.
  10. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie EJ mcnamara
    Are you staying near Lumberton? I am from there, but live in Statesville now.
    1. EJ mcnamara
      EJ mcnamara
      I'm in Elizabeth on the lake clear water camp ground
      Oct 5, 2018
      Billy Currie likes this.
    2. EJ mcnamara
      EJ mcnamara
      What's your phone number I'm not going to that gtg
      Oct 5, 2018
      Billy Currie likes this.
  11. exCanuck
    It's MMWS GTG Weekend!!!
  12. Deno
    Deno Wolverine
    I found your later posting on media fire thanks
    1. Wolverine likes this.
  13. Wolverine
    @Deno yes! I need a email to send it. The file is too big to share here.
  14. Deno
    Deno Wolverine
    Hi Wolverine
    I saw your post re a PDF workshop manual for the 038. Would it be possible for me to get a copy?
    1. Wolverine likes this.
  15. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie
    Sorry, I was limited to 140 characters.
  16. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie
    #7: Open Pipe Saw, #8: Dealer Competition (same as #7), #9: Tom's Open Class (anything with a chain on it).
  17. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie
    #1: 0-2.5, #2: 2.6-3.1, #3: 3.2-3.5, #4: 3.6-4.1, # 5: 4.2-5.0, #6: 5.1 and up (all stock appearing) carb cover optional
  18. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie
    I will be trying to work on chains and fuel mixtures in town all day Wednesday. classes are:
  19. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie
    in the aft portion of the fair grounds. I will be driving a Silver Jeep Cherokee, cell number: (910) 734-2948.
  20. Billy Currie
    Billy Currie
    in the grand stand area and they should be able to keep you moving toward the back. You should be able to drive into the gate
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