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  1. frank rizzo
    frank rizzo
    It’s good to be king
  2. 1Pitbullman
  3. JimK
    JimK bunton
    Hi I saw on another thread that you have information on the older Bunton mowers. I have a Bunton Redwing graveyard trimmer that I have been trying to find information for. Do you happen to have any documentation or knowledge of these machines? The plate on the mower says Bunton Trimmer Model Redwing Serial 810 Manufactured by Bunton Company Louisville 2, KY.
  4. thesawincanada
    Cutting this weekend
  5. thesawincanada
    thesawincanada Spike60
    Hi Bob I’ve seen your videos and since 90% of my family lives around New York State I’d like to visit your store. I have a large collection of saws.
  6. thesawincanada
    thesawincanada afleetcommand
    I’ve watched all your videos, become more of a saw enthusiast than I was previously, now I’ve built 7 different farmertec models, thank you for your passion of saws
  7. afleetcommand
    Combination of saw that folks see I'm retired, I have no more excuses not to take on projects. Hay, been a bumper crop year for
    1. Cut4fun likes this.
    2. Cut4fun
      I let them take in the hay off my place for free. Almost took in double the number of bales compared to the normal years.
      Jul 10, 2018
    3. afleetcommand
      That would be 250 round bales first cutting and about 175 rounds second....a little more than I want to give away..:)
      Jul 12, 2018
  8. Gerry
    Gerry ray benson
    Would you have a service manual for a stihl ms290
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Jul 9, 2018
  9. thesawincanada
    thesawincanada afleetcommand
    How come you have less time now that your retired
  10. thesawincanada
    thesawincanada afleetcommand
    Hi Walt How are you enjoying retirement
  11. thesawincanada
    For the love of saws
  12. kfd518
    kfd518 Icepick69
    Lowest price and best shipping I found on that cannon bar thank you sir.
  13. redpete79
    redpete79 tree monkey
    if you get a chainsaw repair vice built for resale, please let me know. I think id be interested in one. especially if its like the one in your youtube vid. thanks eric
  14. KZ1000
    KZ1000 Mastermind
    Thanks guys, for watching over the site. Great job
  15. KZ1000
    KZ1000 Jon1212
    Thanks guys, for watching over the site. Great job
  16. thwler86
    thwler86 ray benson
    Hi Ray,
    I'm pretty new here but it sounds like you are a bit of a library here ;)
    Do you have a workshop manual for the 038?
    Thanks a lot
    best regards from a neighbortown of Stihls origin
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Jun 23, 2018
  17. Walter Glover
    Walter Glover backhoelover
    Hello Backhoe, I am in need of the workshop manual for the MS380 if you have it please.
    Thanks in advance.
    Walter, Alberta, Canada
  18. dustinwilt68
    Getting root canal, uggghhh
  19. Robert St.Clair
    Robert St.Clair SawSeeker
    Do you still have the mcculloch pro Mac 1000? And how much would shipping be to VA
  20. Dub11
    Are we there yet?
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