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New Profile Posts

  1. John235
  2. MrCreosote
    MrCreosote Spike60
    Someone mentioned that you might have a brake band for a Jonsered 2094 which I need. Thanks. Tom
  3. Daserlon
    Daserlon BGE541
  4. Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor
    If we are going to dream she is bringing the beer too.
  5. Steve Taylor
  6. Lightning Performance
    Lightning Performance Steve Taylor
    Tell me that babe in your avatar pic lives up the road a piece and she will be by for the bbq this weekend, right?
  7. Nighthunter
    Nighthunter Mastermind
    Just sent you a email randy
  8. Nighthunter
    Nighthunter Mastermind
    Hey mastermind just wondering what it would cost to turn a ms 261 into the work saw it should have been from new and shipping to Ireland
    1. Mastermind
      Send me an email.
      May 17, 2018
  9. Definitive Dave
    Definitive Dave
    out in the ether looking for rare chainsaws and whatnot
  10. Rob Wolff
    Rob Wolff Spike60
    Hello, saw your post from a while back about the Husky full wrap kit fitted to a Jred 2188. Would you be willing to order and ship a kit to me? I am about 90 miles away, zip is 12154, standard shipping is fine. Thanks! **also, I enjoy and appreciate the videos you and Walt do!
  11. ZukiRyder400
    HOORAY 2159!!
  12. MattG
    MattG RIDE-RED 350r
    Thanks for your help on that 142 thread :)
    1. RIDE-RED 350r likes this.
    2. RIDE-RED 350r
      RIDE-RED 350r
      Any time neighbor :)
      May 8, 2018
      MattG likes this.
  13. sawguy92
    sawguy92 ray benson
    Hey wondering if you have the service manuals for a 064, 046, 017, ms260, ms362 cm, 201tcm. And the IPL's for a ms 250, 201tcm, and 362cm. Thank you .
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      May 6, 2018
  14. skidder
    skidder ZukiRyder400
    Welcome to the forum buddy!!!!!! So are we going to have a shoot out between the 2159 and the “old 55”?????!!!!!
    1. ZukiRyder400
      Yup! Sure are!! Can't wait how my 2159 stacks up against a ported 55!
      May 15, 2018
  15. Rob Wolff
    Rob Wolff dolmarkid
    Hi, Steve at Cutting Edge said a friend of his said you wanted to ask me about a Hi Rev hot saw?
    1. dolmarkid
      May 3, 2018
    2. dolmarkid
      I was wondering how well it preformed on hard wood
      May 3, 2018
  16. Seirraniagara
    Life is good!
  17. Sawyerguy88
    Sawyerguy88 tree monkey
    I got a ms 460 jug I need ported and cleaned up do u have time to do it for me u where highly recommend by a few guys in the OPE
  18. angelo c
    angelo c
    i'm here now
  19. John Lawler
    John Lawler Scotty Overkill
    Hey there. I am trying to sign up on Firewood Hoarders. When I get down to the verification it says Which is a type of wood. The box says to answer the above question, but there is no pic or whatever to choose from.
  20. Sawyerguy88
    Sawyerguy88 Mastermind
    I got a 028 super I'd like to have ported, and a 029 top end I'd like to get ported what would that cost
    1. Mastermind
      I don't do saws as old as the 028....or the 029 either. Mostly I just do new saws.
      Apr 15, 2018
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