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  1. angelo c
  2. John Lawler
    John Lawler Scotty Overkill
    Hey there. I am trying to sign up on Firewood Hoarders. When I get down to the verification it says Which is a type of wood. The box says to answer the above question, but there is no pic or whatever to choose from.
  3. Sawyerguy88
    Sawyerguy88 Mastermind
    I got a 028 super I'd like to have ported, and a 029 top end I'd like to get ported what would that cost
    1. Mastermind
      I don't do saws as old as the 028....or the 029 either. Mostly I just do new saws.
      Apr 15, 2018 at 9:37 PM
  4. timbertramp
    Copter strips are the best strips!
  5. Lightning Performance
    Lightning Performance
    Quote of the weekend. "Your pissing up pole. Take that thing off your saw and let's free hand this stuff."
  6. Donald R Pressing
    Donald R Pressing ray benson
    Thank you
    would you have a maual for the Ts350?
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Apr 5, 2018
  7. Lightning Performance
  8. Stihlms
  9. stihl livin
    stihl livin
    I’m ready for spring
  10. Lightning Performance
    Lightning Performance
    Keeper of pigs. Master of farts.
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  11. Jon1212
    Jon1212 Homelite410
    Happy Birthday! Bruh!
  12. Kansan
    Kansan Miller Mod Saws
    What's the price to Port and cut a 7901 piston cylinder off of the Saw? How far out are you on work?
  13. THop
    THop bryanr2
    What big boys you got left? And what you need to get? I'm guessing one is the "lite"
    1. bryanr2
      pm me
      Mar 24, 2018
  14. Kansan
    Kansan Mastermind
    I have two new 7910 top ends that I wood like to have ported and cut. Could I send you the top ends only and is it cheaper me? What would be the costs?
    Thx Shane
  15. Dub11
  16. Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor
    Just an old cripple cutting wood
  17. Jon1212
    Jon1212 SOS Ridgerider
    Gratulerer med dagen min venn!
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    2. SOS Ridgerider
      SOS Ridgerider
      Thanks Jon! I’m glad you’re picking up speaking Norwegian. Lol
      Mar 18, 2018
  18. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
    Think Spring!
  19. HuskerHerm
    HuskerHerm ray benson
    Hello. I also am looking for the Service Manual for the MS 201 T (Early non-Mtronic) as well as the IPL and Service Manual for the Kombisystem Motors (KM 110 R) and/or attachments. Thank you sir.
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Mar 14, 2018
  20. Jon1212