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  1. MattG
    MattG angelo c
    Do it Ange! Do it!
    1. angelo c
      angelo c
      I will......someday....got a bunch of easy repairs to do first...thrn I got a welder to fix.... !!!!
      Jan 13, 2018 at 9:10 AM
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  2. MattG
    MattG nohoff
    Thanks for your offer of help re. the piston my friend
  3. THop
    THop Time's Standing Stihl
    What's best you can do on ol blue?
  4. Dub11
  5. Jon1212
    Jon1212 Dub11
    Happy Birthday, ya' big goofball.
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  6. Jon1212
    Jon1212 quietfly
    Happy Birthday, bruh....
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    2. quietfly
      Jan 12, 2018 at 10:24 AM
  7. Dub11
    Dub11 gd1996
    I just bought that 026 cylinder on eBay from ya lol. Didn't know you hung out here.
  8. Definitive Dave
    Definitive Dave
    Makin' Haste, Layin' Waste
  9. Romad10
  10. Brush Ape
    Brush Ape
    Crank it up and break off the knob.
  11. Daserlon
    Daserlon RIDE-RED 350r
    I did a trade with my friend. One of my 181/288 saws for his pile of huskie parts. I know theres a 394 and some 385 parts in the pile. A couple oem 266 cylinders and lots of other goodies too. After i sort through the pile i'll let you know.
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  12. Daserlon
    Daserlon RIDE-RED 350r
    Hey ride-red 350r dale here, xp-slinger's friend. I just wanted to congradulate you on your first 2xx series build. Waiting on your 385 build. I dont know yet but I may be able to help with some parts.
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    2. RIDE-RED 350r
      RIDE-RED 350r
      Thank you Sir! I still have a couple loose ends to tie up on the 242, but once that is done I'll be looking for that builder 385. Happy new year :)
      Dec 31, 2017
  13. Farmchuck
    Farmchuck Spike60
    Hope you have a healthy new year Bob.
    Incidentally it’s Chuck from down in Pennsylvania. Near Moscow. I’ve visited & talked with you before.
  14. Barn Shop
    Barn Shop
    Still Trying to Learn
    1. Barn Shop
      Barn Shop
      Hey Everyone, Finally took the plunge and joined still trying to figure this electronic crap out anyway just saying Hi to you all
      Dec 25, 2017
  15. Kansan
    Kansan ajschainsaws
    Hi there. SOSRidgerider told me that you might be able to help me find a reasonably priced 9010. Is that that a true story? These saws are getting harder to find in my area.
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    2. ajschainsaws
      hello yes i can still get them at the moment makita 9010 is cheaper than the dolmar 9010 i can get the makita within one week then i will PDI the saw then 3-4 days shipping too you
      Dec 25, 2017
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    3. SOS Ridgerider
      SOS Ridgerider
      Andrew is top notch to do business with! I hope you get yourself a 9010.
      Dec 26, 2017
  16. Beer Gut
    Beer Gut
    Lost in the woods..
  17. THop
    THop Dolmar Junkie
    Who's the best dolmar porter? Or who does yours?
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  18. THop
    THop Dolmar Junkie
    Good evening mr dolmar junkie, I was looking at a nib 7900 yesterday. Do you have any advice on those? Never even ran a Dolmar so I didn't want to plow into something blind. I'd send it straight to mmws or someone for sure but any advice on that series would be really appreciated. Thank you
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  19. THop
    THop SawSeeker
    What yr models? Also, shipping to ga cost ?
  20. mboscin99
    mboscin99 sawman1900
    Hi, I’m interested in the ms440 crankcase assembly you have listed. Do you still have it?
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